George Boyce – a follow-up comment

We used to visit George’s shop regularly in the early 1970s and often went away with something in a plastic bag or even larger. We found him when we were looking for a place we could get a couple of axolotls as pets and there was George, a friendly, knowledgeable man who tolerated our ignorance and gradually taught us a little about reptiles and amphibians. A trip to the shop would always be a quiet delight as there would usually be something new to ask questions about and discuss. Our memory is of the walls being lined with tanks containing fascinating creatures and I remember clearly that there was always one containing a soft shelled terrapin which was extremely ill natured – it never seemed to find a new home. As we lived on a houseboat moored at Strawberry Vale at the time, George thought it to be an entirely appropriate home for amphibians.
After we moved away to the South Coast we lost touch with George but he has always been a cherished memory and I am so glad to see at last a reference to him on the internet.

Nick and Min Flowers