Unusual Pets by Clinton Keeling

Unusual Pets by Clinton Harry Keeling (1932-2007) was published in 1958 in the Foyles Handbooks series. A reprint with a different cover was published in 1969 and I suspect it only went out of print in the mid-1970s. At the time of writing Clin and his then wife Jill owned and ran Pan’s Garden, a very small zoological garden (Clin loathed the word ‘zoo’) in the village of Ashover, Derbyshire. I will cover the general and my personal knowledge of him in later articles.

Once commonly available from sellers of old books, Unusual Pets is less often seen in the numbers that were once around. I think that is because the binding of this series disintegrated so quickly that covers and pages became detached.

The Downloads page now contains the reptile and amphibian chapters from his book.

Cover of the original 1958 book

Cover of the Original Edition

The 1969 Reprint

The 1969 Reprint


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