Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians in the 1930s: Bazaar Exchange & Mart

Where there any articles about keeping reptiles and amphibians in any other British magazines other than The Aquarist and Pondkeeper and Water Life in the 1930s? There was the occasional article in Zoo & Animal Magazine of the late 1930s (more on this topic in later posts) with which Water Life merged shortly after the outbreak of the war. A possibility is that there were articles in Bazaar Exchange & Mart, then a magazine for collectors carrying classified advertisements for livestock and pretty well anything else as well. The only clue that it may have contained articles on keeping animals or at least answering queries on keeping animals is that Jack Hems was described as Query (Aquaria) Expert to Exchange & Mart (Bazaar was dropped from the title) before the Second World War. The only copy of Bazaar Exchange & Mart I have, from 1935, has articles on collecting things from Chinese art and porcelain to match box labels but contains only advertisements for livestock, including this one for Gamages, the London department store.


In the later decades of the 20th Century, Exchange & Mart was the hardcopy eBay/Gumtree of its day, with classified advertisements for anything and everything. For a period, reptiles and amphibians were advertised there extensively, sometimes by some pretty unwholesome characters who all too often fall within the category of ‘animal dealer’. It ceased publication a few years ago but lives on as an online site for selling used cars.



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