Water Life Magazine 1936-58. Part 16. Herpetology Articles in Volume 1, 1936

An extract of volume 1 containing the articles on herpetology can be found on the Downloads page.

The usual contributors to Water Life (were they also contributors to Bird Fancy and Aquaria News?) have articles: L.G. Payne, Ian Harman and ‘Amphibius’. There are also articles by the editor on newts and terrapins. There are warnings about the survival of the Sand Lizard in England and the arrival of Gila Monsters at the Zoo. The list of dealers shown is interesting but not comprehensive; it would seem that few paid to have an entry. There is a photograph of a chamaeleon, one of a number being sold in the shop of Mr Boughton’s Artistic Aquaria Company; those who know anything about chamaeleons will see the shrunken eye that indicates the animal would not have survived much longer. Alligators (possibly caymans?) are advertised at 6/- each (£18 in today’s money).

The most interesting articles are those by Amphibius, especially that on his giant salamanders which he kept in a 6′ tank. He does not say whether they were Chinese or Japanese. Another article is on the Radiated Tortoises which were imported from Madagascar fairly regularly and found their way into books on keeping tortoises.


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