Keeping Reptiles and Amphibia by Ernest J F Pitman. Does Anybody Have a Copy?

Like Water Life, the Aquarist published a series of booklets from The Buckley Press. The March 1952 issue carried this advertisement:


It must have actually been published after this date because the September 1952 issue contained the news:

…The first is of special interest to the practical herpetologist and is called Keeping Reptiles and Amphibia. It is written by Ernest J.F. Pitman, late of Hasting Aquarium and now Assistant to the Director of the Zoological Gardens, Chester. The booklet is the most comprehensive work on practical care of reptiles and amphibia yet to be published, and it covers all the species which can be kept without difficulty by the amateur. Keeping Reptiles and Amphibia contains many photographs and drawings and is priced 2s. 6d. (2s. 8d post free).

I do not have nor can track down a copy held by a bookseller or library. I found one in a Google search that had been sold several years ago in a parcel of books on aquaria and reference to it for an animal husbandry course at a college in the USA. I would like to include it here for completeness. Can you help me to locate this booklet?

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