The Aquarist Magazine: 1934-36 Herpetology Articles Downloads

The Aquarist was first published in 1924 as The Amateur Aquarist. Its name was changed to The Aquarist and Pondkeeper in 1927. The 1930s issues show that it incorporates The Reptilian Review but I have been unable to trace that publication existing independently. The magazine was founded by A.E. Hodge (1877-1936). I have written about him in connexion with his book Vivarium and Aquarium Keeping for Amateurs in a post of 26 November 2014. The address of the magazine was Hodge’s own house and the printers at this time were The Buckley Press. Later, they were the printers and publishers, and I suspect that initially The Aquarist was Hodge’s private venture. He appealed for funds in addition to readers’ subscriptions, and each issue has a list of donors. The issues of volume 6 were published every two months, and it covers the period March-April 1934 to January-February 1936 (Hodge died later that year).

The only pre-war issues I have are in a bound volume of Volume 6. The articles on herpetology plus interesting advertisements are available from the Downloads page above. A.E. Hodge wrote a number of articles himself. There is a small advertisement for tadpoles of European species bred by L.G. Payne (who, later, wrote the booklet in the Water Life series); articles on chamaeleons and tortoises by Winifred Baker; a history of breeding Xenopus laevis and collecting in Syria (not one to be tried at home).

The extracts of Volume 6 can also be downloaded here.


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