Water Life Magazine: Part 14. Incorporated in Zoo and Animal Magazine 1940-41

AZM March 1940From March 1940, Water Life was incorporated into the monthly Zoo and Animal Magazine. The publishers of the latter had a deal with the Zoological Society such that the magazine was ‘the official magazine of the Zoological Society of London’. I have a few copies from 1940 and 1941. Initially, the Water Life section had a few pages but this dwindled to two and finally to one, as paper restrictions became more stringent. Articles in March 1940 were written by Louis C. Mandeville, ‘Amphibius’ and Margery Elwin but it looks as if Margery Elwin pulled a few topics together for the later issues as space became tighter.


AZM March 1940 2


This is the first page of the Water Life Section

AZM March 1940 3


Marshall Press, the original publishers were reminding readers that they could still get their copies of Water Life bound, or buy a volume ready bound:

AZM March 1940 4


AZM June 1941 aThen, in the June 1941 issue came the news that because of paper shortages, Zoo and Animal Magazine was to be discontinued with immediate effect. That was the last issue.

AZM June 1941 b
























This is the last page of the Water Life section before it reappeared in 1946. In Britain, herpetology, both amateur and professional, was on hold while the physical sciences and technology were about to be the big thing for all schoolboys and for the hope of progress. I do not have copies from the early post-war years but when I do or can fit in a visit to the Zoo Library, this is the end of the present series of posts on Water Life magazine.


AZM June 1941 c

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