Fishkeeping and Water Life Magazine: Part 9. Herpetology Articles in Volume 13 1957-58 . Download Available

FishkeepingThis post is the last one for the time being on the herpetology articles in Water Life and its successors. The reason for that is I do not have any more issues and until I do I will not be able to complete the series.

The articles in this download (see Downloads page above) are from the final volume of the magazine, by this time a monthly. It includes a series by Alfred Leutscher on animals for the vivarium. There are also articles by H Robert (Bob) Bustard who also wrote for The Aquarist and Mary White.

My next job is to do the same for the issues of The Aquarist that I have, stretching from the 1930s until about 1970, as well as fill in some the gaps in terms of books that were available to the amateur herpetologist in the 1950s.

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