Water Life Magazine 1936-58: Part 6. Herpetology Articles in Volume 2 1937. Download Available

I have scanned a number of articles from Water Life volume 2 (5 January-29 June 1937) and the whole extract can be downloaded from the Downloads page above or from here.

There are articles by ‘Amphibius‘ and L.G. Payne who wrote the two booklets in the Water Life series and a poignant series by Miss D.E. Sladden on fishes, reptiles and amphibians at London Zoo. The final issue of the volume contained the sad news that Miss Sladden D.I.C., C.M.Z.S. had died as the result of a road accident: She had been engaged in research work at the London Zoological Gardens, and was particularly interested in tropical fish. Shortly before she died, she finished a paper on breeding Angel Fish, which gives fuller details than any previously written on this subject, and is a valuable contribution to fish-keeping knowledge

I have found that Dorothy Ena Sladden of The Poplars, Somerset Road, Brentford, Middlesex died on 27 June 1937 in Hounslow Hospital, leaving £858.4s.11d. I cannot find a record of her birth in England or an entry in the 1911 Census. This, together with the fact that she was a Corresponding Member of the Zoological Society (of London), suggests that she was born overseas and came back to Britain. She must have been a student at Imperial College. The Diploma of Imperial College was, I seem to remember, awarded for postgraduate courses and is equivalent to a Masters.

NOTE ADDED ON 24 August 2015

The follow-up on Dorthy Sladden is on my other blog, Zoology Jottings, in four posts starting here.


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